Go Daddy vs Wix - Was the Change really good?

Hello my crafty friends and happy Saturday! As a follow up to my earlier post of change being a good thing; so far, I have to say is really has been a great thing!

To date, the only huge down side of my change to Wix has been my previous posts not following me over to my new platform and as I said earlier, I am in some way, ok with that. The benefits of my change have far exceeded the downside of losing my previous posts. While I would like to display to folks considering the Altenew Academy the growth I have experienced on my journey, I am okay with showing only my new blogs.

What are the benefits I am so pleased with you ask? Beyond the cost savings I get, I cannot say enough just how easy Wix is to use and options, there are so many options you can have for your site but I feel I have a load of options to begin with that come with my package before I have to hit that add button. Then there is the information I receive from the analytics of my site that just blew me away. If I wanted this information from Go Daddy, I had to hit that add button...but Wix includes it. I can see how many people have been to my site and from what country and not to mention how it is they came to my site and from what type of device.

For those of you that use Linkdeli, it cannot be any easier to add your Linkdeli products to your blog. Before I knew I needed to move my site, I had signed up for a Linkdeli trial and for the life of me I could not get my Linkdeli list into my blog on Go Daddy. I searched every help tool on each site and still could not get it to work and as I was resigning myself to sitting on the phone with tech support, I then learned I had to change platforms and this was a big part of my decisions of who to go with. Linkdeli was nice enough to give me more testing time now that my site is running and so far, I am loving both. If you are considering Linkdeli, while I am still playing with it and not fond of the fact it cost money, the money I have to say is well worth my sanity and the fact it makes me want to blog again.

These are just a few of my thoughts because I really could go further on the benefits. I will also tell you that I am in no way compensated from either Wix or Linkdeli, I am simply a fellow crafter that has been in the beginning not knowing which direction to go and simply wants to share my thoughts and what I have learned.

Stay Calm and craft on my friends until next time.

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