Change is Good! At Least So They Say....

Hello my crafty friends! I hope you are off to a great start to your week as well as your holiday shopping. Me, well I am working diligently to stay on top of my deadlines, get the personal cards and things done that I need to, work and discover new crafty items to bring you as well. Jennifer McGuire I now understand why at times you have to take some time off.

Just as I was getting a rhythm to my new job and my guest designing, my web host had to go and put a wrench in my song and decide they were turning off commenting in the blog section. So on the hunt for a new blog host I went. I consider myself a little more tech savvy than some but I will admit I am not a guru my any means. However, this like all things has been a learning moment and I embrace the teaching moment that it can be. So, here is my learning and teaching moments.

In all of this I will say I have travelled far on my journey since making the decision in July 2020 to join Altenew's Academy. I entered with my best friend who oddly enough came to me and said we need to do this and I said to her, what will we do with it.... Oddly enough, I have gone all the way through and she still needs to do her Level 3 Challenge. When we got to the part of the Academy of doing a blog, we were both lost. We looked at many hosting sites and some had too little feature and some had way too many and some were just plain complicated. We both independently chose to go with GoDaddy for our host. GoDaddy seems to get you in the door cheap but after the first month or so the price seems to go up and up. I also found that the more I became involved with my crafting, the more I wanted to do on my site and each feature would cost more. Then, as with most anything, I also received emails that said you can now do this wonderful feature with our service and that cost more and before I knew it, that website that I got for $.99 was now costing my $50 a month. Now 18 months in and several features later, the one feature I use the most as a crafter and designer they want to take away, comments for my blogs but fear not they are not taking away any of the cost!

So I have searched again the hosting sites know much more now than I did then and things I dismissed 18 months ago as not needing I know I do. In the end I have gone with Wix. This service seems to offer more features for less cost. My one challenge has been how to transfer my site to my new hosting site. Stay tuned my crafty friends, we will see if I have managed to figure this out. I will either get all my blogs back up or I will be starting from scratch again. Either way, I think I will be okay with it as I have learned many things along the way and want to display the new things I want to try such as LinkDeli. Although, with my old blogs, you can see how I grow and developed since I started at the Altenew Academy and I think some people need to see that.

A First Card

November 2021 Card

In closing, I will say the one thing I said and I see so many people ask on Facebook is what will I get from the Academy. Let me say that nobody can answer that for you, that is something you have to discover for yourself. Me, I found myself, my style, my happy place and overall, peace. I learned what I liked and did not like, I learned what I wanted to do

did not and I learned that sometimes I just like to sit in my craft room on either my Portal of Face Time or even Zoom with some of the girls and just make cards and chat. I've made cards and donated them to Soldiers overseas, the VA hospital and countless other places as well as selling them. I guest design and I have even submitted to be on design teams. Overall, I've just lived my best life thanks to the Altenew Family and Academy and my very best friend. Stay tuned there is so much more to come.

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